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Founded in 1997, small world creations makes novelty preschool children’s books, which we sell to publishers, book clubs, direct sale, and wholesale outlets worldwide. Our small, hard-working team has become a valued supplier to the international co-edition market, gaining publishing partners throughout the world and a reputation for innovation and imagination. We specialize in multilingual co-editions of our own titles, but our formats can also be translated into licensed character or publishers’ own art versions, tailoring our creativity to suit many markets. From bobbly board books, through squirty bath books, to cute and cuddly cloth books, small world titles engage the senses and stimulate learning through play. Great books for children!

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small world creations
The Old Brewery

6 Blundell Street


N7 9BH

Tel:  +44 (0) 20 770 6700


Maxime Boucknooghe, Group Publisher

Donna Webber, Sales Director

Foreign Rights
If you are interested in publishing our titles internationally, please contact:
   Violette Nico, Foreign Rights Director









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