Subtitle Unleashing Your Potential in Later Life

Zvi Lanir
Description Description

We are now experiencing one of the most significant — but not yet fully understood — revolutions in human life: the dramatic rise in life expectancy. This revolution does not imply, as most people usually think, that we’ve simply got more years of old age. Rather, it implies the formation of a new period in human life: the Age of Wisdom.

When Dr Zvi Lanir reached retirement age, he was ready to admit that he was no longer young, but he did not feel old at all. The Wisdom Years is the product of Lanir investigating this ‘hidden age’ and finding out how to make the most of it. People who are able to prepare themselves for this new age will be able to enjoy an active, wise and satisfying stage of life, which will enable them to delay their ‘old age’ to the very end of their life.

The Wisdom Years provides a practical, thought-provoking and life-changing read for both people embarking on retirement and younger people who would like to mindfully prepare themselves in advance. Derived from Dr Lanir’s lifetime of work experience in identifying mindsets that are no longer helpful, it reveals how to reframe our thought processes so that we can live life based on our ‘functional age’ rather than our ‘chronological age’. The result is a book that carries a unique and inspiring message: life after retirement is to be enjoyed as a new, exciting and uplifting journey of personal evolution.

Format Trade Paperback 247 Pages
ISBN 9781925820232
Size5.31 in x 8.27 in / 135.00 mm x 210.00 mm
Published Date February 11th, 2020
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