Subtitle An unstuffy guide to language stuff

Joanne Anderson
Price $24.95
Description Description An essential guide for anyone with cause to communicate in written form (most of us), a passing interest in doing it better (some of us), and a disinterest in a book on said subject that is humourlessly preoccupied with rules (almost all of us).

Author Joanne Anderson has expanded on the popular tips she shares weekly with writers at Nine mastheads so that readers everywhere can benefit from her entertaining and incisive observations.
Writely or Wrongly considers:
  • Why English needs conventions for clarity but also why some things many of us believe are correct or important ain't necessarily so
  • Cool things punctuation marks do
  • Things that mangle sentences
  • Uncool things jargon does
  • Common pitfalls
  • And much more!
Format Hardcover Book 224 Pages
ISBN 9781922616708
Size5.19 in x 7.28 in / 131.83 mm x 184.91 mm
Published Date November 7th, 2023
Joanne Anderson
Joanne Anderson has worked as a journalist on major publications in Australia and Hong Kong. She joined The Age's subediting team in 2004, eventually becoming chief desk editor, a role in which she herds thousands of words each day and adjudicates on tricky language questions. She has worked on in-house style guides and written a weekly newsletter on English use for staff at The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and their sister publications. Joanne lives in Melbourne but does not like Aussie rules.
Matt Golding
Matt Golding is a Melbourne-based cartoonist whose work has appeared in newspapers for more than two decades. Matt thinks in images and has a history of managing to write wrongly, even though his tiny pocket cartoons generally contain very few words. Jo has long been called upon to right his wrongs, and the making of this book was no exception. He too cares less about footy.
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