Subtitle How loneliness leaks into our lives, and what we can do about it

Maggie Hamilton
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Description Description After decades of affluence, we're now busy renovating our homes, buffing and botoxing our bodies, and losing ourselves in passive entertainment and shopping, as depression and anxiety soars. And with the arrival of Netflix and Uber Eats, there's less and less incentive to leave home. Could our constant need for connection be messing with our brains? Is this why we're losing our ability to strike up a conversation with anyone we don't know? And given that so many of our kids lack one-on-one attention and regular touch, are we raising this new generation to be profoundly lonely?

Right now, many of our relationships at home and at work, as well as in our communities are struggling. What, then, are the best ways back to belonging, and what might a more engaged community look like?

Maggie Hamilton, author of What's Happening to Our Boys? and What's Happening to Our Girls? explores our growing loneliness and proposes practical solutions and an uplifting vision to combat the increasing social isolation in our families and communities.
Format Trade Paperback 354 Pages
ISBN 9781911668060
Size6.00 in x 9.20 in / 152.40 mm x 233.68 mm
Published Date August 17th, 2021
Maggie Hamilton
Maggie Hamilton has written over a dozen books, which have been published internationally. Her social research books include: What Men Don't Talk About, What's Happening to Our Girls? and What's Happening to Our Boys? Maggie also writes for magazines; gives talks, workshops and lectures; and is a seasoned media performer with a keen interest in social trends.
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