Subtitle Stop wishing away your single life and learn to flourish solo

Stacey June
Price $20.99
Description Description It's SO important to love yourself wholeheartedly and love your single life - Stacey shows you how.' - Melissa Ambrosini

We're encouraged to be comfortable doing our own thing these days. Female empowerment! Be independent! But many of us have yet to master the tools for living happily on our own.

Stacey June is here to help! With the assistance of a whole slew of experts, a wild variety of romantic and sexual partners, a few fairly average boyfriends, and some healers, yogis and 'kumbaya' moments, Stacey dives into the principles of being comfortable alone, living independently and going after every opportunity in life.

Learn the ins and outs of why you're staying in a relationship for too long, dating for the wrong reasons, discovering that casual sex doesn't always feel 'single and fabulous' and a whole lot more. Practice self-care, go on a date with yourself and never stop believing in love - because it's completely possible to live happily solo while still being open to relationships.

Let's stop wishing away our single lives, because the single pringle life is awesome.
Format Trade Paperback 304 Pages
ISBN 9781911632856
Size6.02 in x 9.21 in / 152.91 mm x 233.93 mm
Published Date October 19th, 2021
Stacey June
Stacey June's passion for women's stories has inspired her to delve into topics others fear to broach, making her one of Australia's most exciting writers and broadcasters. As the creator of The Thinkergirls and a podcast network founder, TV presenter and self-care coach, Stacey has dedicated her life to helping people access their intuition and feel good about their authentic selves. You can hear her share her heart and stories on numerous podcasts and membership programs on media outlets across the country.
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