Subtitle The Official Celebration of the Le Mans 24 Hours

Gerard Holtz, Julien Holtz, Basile Davoine, Denis Bernard
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Description Description Published in collaboration with the ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest), organisers of the Le Mans 24 Hours, this official book celebrates the centenary of the world’s greatest sports car race.

Besides recalling the most memorable moments in the event’s history, 100 Years of Legends takes an imaginative thematic approach in examining a huge range of topics to give a complete picture of the entire period, right up to Ferrari’s victory in the centenary year. All the important subjects have their place, including the great drivers and cars, and are presented in an appealing style with plenty of thought-provoking angles. Technical evolution receives particularly enlightening coverage, with emphasis on the innovations and curiosities so evident at Le Mans over the years. Extensive period illustration blends with ‘infographics’, diagrams, poster artwork and memorabilia to provide a visually vivid presentation. 
  • The drivers: the greats, topped by nine-time winner Tom Kristensen; the rookie winners; pioneering women drivers; tales of exceptional personal endeavour and adversity.
  • The manufacturers: Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Ferrari, Jaguar, Ford, Porsche, Matra, Peugeot, Audi and Toyota have been the predominant names over the 100 years and all get their share of attention.
  • The cars: the famous winners, from 1923 3-litre Chenard & Walcker to 2023 Ferrari 499P Hypercar, are featured, plus the eccentric machinery that has added fascination over the years.
  • The technology: aerodynamic advances and speed landmarks; pioneering engines, including turbine, rotary, diesel, electric and hybrid; tyre and safety developments, and more.
  • Numerous other themes: records, trophies, regulations, circuit changes, safety improvements, race organisation, art cars, spectating, atmosphere and curiosities.
This is the complete story of the Le Mans 24 Hours, told from the inside.
Format Hardcover Book 336 Pages
ISBN 9781910505885
Size10.25 in x 11.75 in / 260.35 mm x 298.45 mm
Published Date March 5th, 2024
Gerard Holtz
Gérard Holtz’s 45-year television career has seen him cover the world’s greatest sporting events, including the Tour de France, World Cup, Roland-Garros, Olympics, F1 and Le Mans. 
Julien Holtz
Julien Holtz is a consultant and software designer who has co-written many sports books with his father Gérard Holtz.
Basile Davoine
Basile Davoine is a sports journalist and content manager for the website motorsport.com.
Denis Bernard
Denis Bernard is an audio-visual director, automotive journalist and driver who has scripted many comic-strip books about Le Mans.
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