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The new profanisaurus celebrating Viz's 40th Anniversary. Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, first published in 1869, is rightly lauded as one of the greatest achievements of world literature. Indeed no less an authority than John Galsworthy thought it “…the best novel that had ever been written.”

But does that monumental book contain, anywhere amongst its half-million words, exhaustively cross-referenced definitions for the thick end of 20,000 four-letter-words, obscene expressions and disgusting turns of phrase? 

Does it bollocks.

This book, War and Piss, does. It brings together for the first time every single entry from Roger’s Profanisaurus, the constantly-growing dictionary of swearing that is updated every five weeks in Viz Comic, Britain’s third or fourth funniest magazine*.

*Fifth if you include Practical Caravanning

Completely revised and updated, War and Piss is an epic romp through the foulest sewers of the English language. Inside its pages, you will find

* Over 200 witty things to say before breaking wind
* Over 300 witty things to say after breaking wind
* 150 words for that bit of skin between your clackerbag and your nipsy

So if you need to describe something that you just did in the toilet, something you just did while your significant other nipped to the shops, or simply need something to shout after dropping a car battery on your foot, remember …

There’s a word for that in War and Piss.
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ISBN 9781781066775
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Published Date September 6th, 2018
Viz Comic is Britain’s third or fourth funniest magazine. Possibly fifth.
Its blend of cartoons, features and joke adverts appear every five weeks on the newsstands, and selections of the best bits can be found 24/7 on for anyone too cheap to buy it.
The readers are pretty special too:
70% have been reading the magazine for 10 or more years
89% are male with an average age of 41
55% are educated to Degree level and above
70% have more than one other person who reads their copy
68% don’t read any other magazine! 
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