Subtitle How to Get Awesome at Drawing: An Interactive Draw-in-the-Book Journal

Vivian Wong
Price $19.99 / £12.99
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Vivian Wong shares her love of colored pencils and explains that one way “baby artists” improve their work is by copying what they see. Love Colored Pencils is designed to enable exactly this.

*Named One of the 54 Best Colored Pencil Drawing Books of All Time by BookAuthority*

Look over Vivian’s shoulder as she demonstrates all the techniques you need to make luscious drawings in the wonderful, soft, blendable medium of colored pencil. On one side of each spread, Vivian demonstrates a technique or she colors in a subject, and on the opposite page or the next spread, you are encouraged to try it yourself, drawing directly in the book. Exercises throughout offer fun ways to explore drawing while being inspired by Vivian’s popular and colorful drawing style.

Vivian will teach you about:

  • Holding your pencil
  • Pencil pressure
  • Hatching and crosshatching
  • Stippling
  • Scribbling
  • Blending
  • Color mixing
  • Creating tones with color
  • How to color facial features
  • And more!

Practice your skills as you follow Vivian’s simple instructions for drawing facial features, many different hairstyles and hair colors, an owl, a leopard, and a variety of flower types.

This is a book for all levels of artists who want to explore this versatile and fun medium with a colorful and talented artist, baby step by baby step. With Vivian by your side, you can’t go wrong!

Format Trade Paperback 128 Pages
ISBN 9781631593758
Size8.50 in x 10.00 in / 215.90 mm x 254.00 mm
Published Date February 6th, 2018
Vivian Wong

Vivian Wong is a Hong Kong–based artist who is currently studying architecture at the University of Edinburgh. She has been drawing and taking art lessons from the age of five. She has a passion for art and design and loves to create stunning and colorful artwork. She specializes in illustration and graphic design. See more of Vivian's art on Instagram (@vivianhitsugaya), Facebook (@vivianwongart), and YouTube (@vivianhitsugaya).

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