Subtitle 50 Iconic Treats, Snacks, and Drinks from Your Favorite Anime

Nadine Estero
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Immerse yourself in your favorite anime worlds and café culture, in its myriad forms, through 50 different anime movies and series--from the beloved films of Studio Ghibli to popular series such as One Piece.

Food plays an important role in anime, whether it is briefly shown in a slice-of-life scene or the entire plotline of an episode or even a series, and popular anime food creator Nadine Estero (@issagrill) has perfectly captured these favorite food and drink moments once again, in this follow-up to her best-selling cookbook, The Anime Chef Cookbook.
In The Anime Café, Nadine takes on lighter fare, focusing on 50 drinks, snacks, and sweet treats—traditional Japanese favorites and inventive re-creations—and bringing them from the screen to your table.​ In this cookbook, you’ll find:​

  • Foods and drinks from a variety of popular anime series and movies​
  • 50 easy-to-make, fun, and delicious recipes​
  • A stunning anime-style food illustration accompanying every recipe ​
  • Information about the exact episodes that feature the items​
  • How to stock your anime kitchen​
  • A celebration of Japanese food and culture​
Format Paper Over Board 160 Pages
ISBN 9781631069918
Size7.38 in x 9.13 in / 187.45 mm x 231.90 mm
Published Date September 3rd, 2024
Nadine Estero
Nadine Estero (@issagrill) knew at the young age of 6 that anime was life. She cried dramatically and begged her mother to immediately stop her piano lessons because it interfered with the airtime of her favorite anime—Dragon Ball Z. Today, Nadine is a food recreationist who shows her enthusiasm and process through her popular social media accounts on platforms including YouTube and TikTok, and as the author of The Anime Chef Cookbook. Her creations are recognized worldwide in many large entertainment websites and publications such as ScreenRant, Dexerto, GaminqDebates, SVG, Kompas, and Speed Maqazine.
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