Subtitle A 52-Week Guide to Manifesting your Goals & Finding your Purpose

Erica Rose
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Description Description Plan your goals and find your peace every day of the year with guided meditations and journal prompts to keep you inspired and motivated.

Finding the Joy in the Journey: 365 Days of Planning My Goals is the ultimate guide for maintaining a schedule and collecting all of your thoughts in one space. There are 365 days’ worth of journal prompts and guided meditations to help you discover the joy in your journey to success and peace, with beautiful designs throughout to keep you motivated and inspired.

On your joyous journey, find inspiration through prompts like:

If money were not an issue, you knew you couldn’t fail, and all your dreams came true, what would your ideal life be like? Write in the present tense as if you are already living it! Get as detailed as possible because this prompt will help you gain clarity. It’s great to repeat because the more you write it out in present tense, the more it’ll feel real to you and help you manifest it.

It’s always great to give yourself space to deeply heal and let go. So, it’s time to release everything that’s bothering you. Write down anything that’s currently bring you down, no matter how small, and then imagine letting it all go. After that, write about the things that you love in your life. Focus on the things that make you smile and make your heart happy.

A fairy godmother is granting you 3 wishes. What would they be? She’s also letting you grant 1 wish to everyone you love. What would they be? After each, take a moment to really envision it happening for yourself and the others.

Take the leap and see what you can achieve with Finding the Joy in the Journey!
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Format Paperback + Flaps 144 Pages
ISBN 9781631068751
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Published Date April 26th, 2022
Erica Rose
Erica Rose is an author, artist, and spiritual mentor from Long Island, New York. A lifelong writer and artist, Erica has a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. She started pursuing studies in the spiritual world as a teenager, after a friend’s psychic grandma taught them that anyone can be psychic, it’s just a matter of developing it. Erica has since become a mindset master through studying all aspects of card reading, channeling spirits, meditation, and manifestation. With over a decade of spiritual knowledge, Erica started her inspirational Instagram account in 2018, attracting quite a following, sharing bright, colorful, empowering messages infused with magic. Erica’s mission is to help everyone believe in themselves and believe that all of their dreams can come true. You can follow Erica on Instagram at @LaRoseDesReves.
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