Subtitle Mixing Recipes for More Than 450 Color Combinations - Includes One Color Mixing Grid

William F. Powell
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Description Description Color Mixing Recipes for Watercolor is the definitive color-mixing resource for watercolor artists. With a wide spectrum of paint recipes, each revealing the color proportions and dilution level needed to achieve the featured swatch, this user-friendly book also includes a color-mixing grid that makes measuring simple.

Follow these four simple steps to mix more than 450 color combinations:
  1. Look in the Color Guidance Index for the subject you want to paint—for example, "Eucalyptus Bark."
  2. Find the Color Recipe with the subject's recipe number ("293") and an example of the actual paint mixture.
  3. Use the Color Mixing Grid to measure each paint color.
  4. Mix the color.
It’s that easy! You’ll also learn about color theory, mixingvalues, graying color naturally, mixing portrait colors, and more.

Also available from Walter Foster's best-selling Color Mixing Recipes series: 1,500 Color Mixing Recipes for Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor; Color Mixing Recipes for Oil & Acrylic; Color Mixing Recipes for Portraits; and Color Mixing Recipes for Landscapes.
Format Trade Paperback 48 Pages
ISBN 9781600588945
Size6.13 in x 9.50 in / 155.70 mm x 241.30 mm
Published Date June 22nd, 2021
William F. Powell
William F. Powell was an internationally recognized artist and one of America’s foremost colorists. A native of Huntington, West Virginia, Bill studied at the Art Student’s Career School in New York; Harrow Technical College in Harrow, England; and the Louvre Free School of Art in Paris, France. He was professionally involved in fine art, commercial art, and technical illustrations for more than 45 years. His experience as an art instructor included oil, watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, and pastel—with subjects ranging from landscapes to portraits and wildlife. He also authored a number of art instruction books, including several popular Walter Foster titles. As a renowned master of color, Bill conducted numerous “Color Mixing and Theory” workshops in various cities throughout the U.S. His expertise in color theory also led him to author and illustrate several articles and an educational series of 11 articles entitled “Color in Perspective” for a national art magazine. Additionally, he performed as an art consultant for national space programs and for several artist’s paint manufacturers. Bill’s work also included the creation of background sets for films, model making, animated cartoons, and animated films for computer mockup programs. He produced instructional painting, color mixing, and drawing art videos.
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