Subtitle 365 Hopeful Meditations for Peaceful and Reflective Evenings All Year Long

Emily Silva
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Find peace at the end of the day with Sunset Gratitude, a collection of 365 beautifully illustrated guided meditations that will ease your worries when life feels uncertain.

Written with encouragement and compassion, this companion to Moonlight Gratitude and Sunrise Gratitude prompts you to find hope and gratitude rather than to let life’s worries get the best of you. Focusing on the transition from day to night, these meditations are meant to be done during dusk, twilight, and sunset, the time when you may need a glimpse of hope the most. 

Without using toxic positivity, Sunset Gratitude invites you to practice each meditation with real empathy. Drawing on universal themes of nature, the meditations connect you with hope and gratitude as the sun sets. 

Sample Meditations:

"When a tree falls down, it offers nourishment to the forest floor. There is a richness within the tree as it provides sustenance and shelter to the understory of the forest. The same can be true when we fall. Failure doesn’t mean we are not valuable. Failure is a redirection to the path we are meant to be on. Embracing the cycles of growth, decay, and rebirth can help us move forward during times of breakdown. Your life is full of value."

“Living in a space that feels in between is difficult, especially if it feels like it’s lasting forever. If you’re in a liminal space, focus on the goodness that is happening right now. Surrender all the desires that keep your heart from being present. What is meant for you will happen. Sometimes letting go is what needs to happen so we can receive what’s on its way.”

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Format Paper Over Board 208 Pages
ISBN 9781577154280
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Published Date September 24th, 2024
Emily Silva

After spending many successful years working for corporations, Emily Silva decided to take the leap and quit her job to pursue her dreams. She had experience with training and coaching in the banking and wine industries and enjoyed helping others overcome obstacles and achieve goals, so she became a Life and Spiritual Coach. Silva believes everyone has the power to create the lives they dream of. It takes courage, openness, drive, and sometimes someone to hold them accountable and inspire them along the way. She is the author of Sunrise Gratitude, Moonlight Gratitude, and Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul.

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