Subtitle Look Inside Our Amazing Planet

Price $16.99 / £12.99
Description Description Introduce kids to the geological and astronomical wonders of Earth with this interactive, layer-by-layer guide.
There is so much more to our planet than meets the eye. Beneath our feet, Earth continues for nearly 4,000 miles. Our atmosphere reaches around 6,000 miles above our heads. With Inside Out Earth, children can look into the very core of Earth and out into the reaches of the galaxy.
A layered 3-D model of Earth’s inner and outer layers centers the book, introducing readers to what’s both beneath and above the planet’s surface. Through engaging illustrations, photos, and text, Inside Out Earth explores:
  • The layers inside our planet
  • Layers of the atmosphere
  • Earth’s relationship to other planets
  • Natural phenomena such as aurora borealis and meteorites
  • And more!
Our planet is constantly changing. Inside Out Earth helps kids to understand the many amazing systems that keep planet Earth spinning and life thriving.

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Series Inside Out, Chartwell
Format Paper Over Board 16 Pages
ISBN 9780785844778
Size8.50 in x 10.80 in / 215.90 mm x 274.32 mm
Published Date August 6th, 2024
Publishing and supplying books to wholesalers, mail order companies, and retail stores for over 60 years, Chartwell Books publishes across a wide range of subjects, including history, craft, home reference, puzzles and games, music, art instruction, transportation, and more.
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