Subtitle The History of My Generation

Mat Snow
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Description Description Explore the trailblazing history of The Who with photos, memorabilia, and stories of rock decadence like no other.

Famed music journalist Mat Snow celebrates the Who’s debut album, My Generation, with this unofficial illustrated history of the legendary rock band—the ideal visual companion for Who fans all over the world.

The Who formed in 1964 with lead singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend, bassist John Entwhistle, and drummer Keith Moon, and continued on to become one of the best-selling bands of all time. The Who: The History of My Generation chronicles how the band inspired a generation and beyond-overcoming internal strife, external competition, and the death of two founding members.

Take an in-depth look of the Who’s hit albums, including:
  • My Generation (1965)
  • A Quick One(1966)
  • The Who Sell Out (1967)
  • Tommy (1969)
  • Who’s Next (1971)
  • Quadrophenia (1973)
  • The Who By Numbers (1975)
  • and more

The Who is a must-have addition to any rock-music library.
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Format Hardcover Book 240 Pages
ISBN 9780785843702
Size9.25 in x 10.88 in / 234.95 mm x 276.35 mm
Published Date December 19th, 2023
Mat Snow

London-born journalist and author Mat Snow is the award-winning former editor not only of the world-renowned music magazine Mojo but also the hardly less prestigious soccer magazine FourFourTwo. He has interviewed the Rolling Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Kinks, half the Beatles, and many more. A regular writer for the British music magazines New Musical Express and Q in the 1980s and ’90s, he has followed U2 since seeing them third on the bill at Manchester Polytechnic in May 1980.

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