Subtitle Tips, Techniques, and Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating Colorful Poured Art – Kit Includes: 48-page Project Book, Acrylic Paint (3 Bottles), Glue (1 Bottle), Craft Sticks (10), Canvas Board

Amanda VanEver
Price $24.99 / £18.99
Description Description Learn the creative, innovative technique of making art by pouring paint with The Art of Paint Pouring kit.

What is paint pouring? It’s an acrylic painting technique where you don’t apply the paint with a brush or palette knife, but rather use gravity to move the paint across a canvas. The results are unlike anything you can get with a brush: fluid flows of paint without any brush marks or texture.

Featuring all the supplies you need to get started, easy step-by-step projects, practical tips, and inspirational photos of beautiful art from well-established paint-pouring expert and YouTube artist Amanda VanEver, this all-in-one kit helps artists of any skill level make colorful, textured art. The kit includes:
  • 48-page project book
  • 3 bottles of acrylic paint in cool jewel tones
  • 1 bottle of glue 
  • 10 craft sticks 
  • Canvas board

There are many techniques for making poured art. With this kit, you will learn swiping, pouring, dipping, pulling, and more using the many how-to projects provided in the project book. The book also covers:
  • Tools and materials, including affordable options for items that will help you create poured art
  • Basic color theory and how to choose paint colors that will create pleasing mixtures
  • Eye-catching full-page artwork
  • Tips for creating the right paint consistency 
  • Instructions for keeping your work area clean, even while working with a potentially messy technique

If you are new to paint pouring, you will love the beginners’ tips and instructions that allow anyone to master this contemporary craft. With VanEver’s easy step-by-step projects, practical tips, and beautiful textured art, this kit will make an expert out of anyone. Start creating stunning works of poured art with The Art of Paint Pouring kit!
Format Kit 48 Pages
ISBN 9780785843665
Size7.75 in x 10.75 in / 196.85 mm x 273.05 mm
Published Date October 3rd, 2023
Amanda VanEver
Amanda VanEver is a self-taught artist; a librarian in Dayton, Nevada; and the author of The Art of Paint Pouring and The Art of Paint Pouring: Swipe, Swirl & Spin (both from Walter Foster Publishing). Amanda enjoys the versatility of acrylic paint and the vast array of techniques that can be used with fluid art. She credits her abilities to the artists willing to share their tricks, tips, and techniques for different styles of fluid acrylic painting. She learned to create poured art using Facebook groups and YouTube videos. Every week, Amanda films her processes and answers questions on her YouTube channel, Amanda’s Designs. She sells her artwork locally in Carson City, Nevada, as well as through her Etsy shop.
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