Subtitle Explore Inside Your Body's Super Computer

Price $16.99 / £12.99
Description Description What’s going on inside your head? With this interactive die-cut book, dive under your cranium and deep into your cerebrum and cerebellum to uncover the mysteries of your body’s supercomputer.

Amazingly powerful and complex, the brain is an endless source of fascination. Flipping through Inside Out Human Brain, discover a layered 3D model of the brain serving as the center point of each section. Each motion, feeling, and physical response you experience originates here in your body’s central command area. Moving from the front to the back of the brain, learn about the functions of each lobe.

Through engaging illustrations, photos, and text, Inside Out Human Brain explores:
  • The outer layer of the brain that protects the interior
  • The functions of each lobe
  • The cerebellum or “little brain”
  • The brain stem
  • The brain’s neural network
  • And more!

Each section includes colorful photos and illustrations that bring brain science to life. Next time you open your mouth to speak, call to mind a past event, or inhale a delicious scent, you’ll know what part of your brain to thank.

There’s no more fascinating journey than the one inside, discovering how the amazing brain keeps us standing, speaking, sensing and more!
Series Inside Out, Chartwell
Format Paper Over Board 16 Pages
ISBN 9780785842958
Size8.50 in x 10.88 in / 215.90 mm x 276.35 mm
Published Date September 12th, 2023
Publishing and supplying books to wholesalers, mail order companies, and retail stores for over 60 years, Chartwell Books publishes across a wide range of subjects, including history, craft, home reference, puzzles and games, music, art instruction, transportation, and more.
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