Subtitle 50+ Recipes for Clean Eating and Healthy Living

Rachel Werner
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Description Description Stop counting calories and start eating smart! Master the macro diet with this accessible guide that includes more than 50 delicious recipes.

Instead of setting a limit on the number of calories you can eat, a macro diet defines the amount of macronutrients you can aim to eat, divided by proportion into the primary categories of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Besides helping burn fat and gain muscle, macros provide the body with energy and can help maintain good health for the long haul. Popular with athletes, this flexible diet can can also be a challenge to plan and track. But it doesn’t have to be! Macro Cooking Made Simple explains what macros are and how you can optimize them for better eating and better health, without suffering or depravation.
The first part of the book examines the question, “Why macros?” Nutrition expert and food writer Rachel Werner explains how fueling your body requires more than a few superfoods and why macro-focused eating provides holistic sustenance. She breaks down this complex topic into manageable bites, with a terminology “cheat sheet” that includes:
  • Simple Carbs
  • Complex Carbs
  • Carb Tolerance
  • Protein (animal protein vs. plant protein)
  • Fat (trans fat vs. saturated fat vs. unsaturated fat)
  • Flexible Dieting
  • Micronutrients
Werner further provides a ratio guide to help you vary your macro ratios for specific health goals. She also presents what goes in a macro-forward pantry, including 15 staple ingredients plus the 7 essential kitchen tools to get you started.
The second part of the book has recipes that include gluten-free and dairy-free options, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, and quick or one-pot meals. Broken into breakfasts, mains, sides, snacks, and beverages—along with recipe-pairing suggestions to round out any meal—this book has you covered! Here’s just a small selection of the eclectic, nutritious, and delicious recipes you’ll find inside:
  • Caribbean Jambalaya
  • Brunch Burritos
  • Cajun Hot Hash
  • Crispy Fish Curry
  • Smoked Salmon Sliders
  • BBQ Chickpeas
  • Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad
  • Carrot Ginger Bisque
  • Pecan Peach Porridge
  • Pumpkin Oat Bars
  • Matcha Gems
  • Low-Cal Lassi

With these straight-forward explanations, easy-to-understand tips, and amazing recipes in hand, following a macro-forward diet has never been simpler!

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Format Paper Over Board 160 Pages
ISBN 9780785841999
Size7.88 in x 9.50 in / 200.15 mm x 241.30 mm
Published Date April 25th, 2023
Rachel Werner
Rachel Werner, C.H.N. is the Nutrition and Fitness editor for TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) and has contributed print and photography content to TheKitchn, The Spruce Eats, The Gourmet Insider, Fabulous Wisconsin, Entrepreneurial Chef, and Hobby Farms magazine. A selection of Rachel’s recipes are also included in the book Wisconsin Cocktails. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist as well as a certified yoga instructor and mindfulness practitioner. She resides in Madison, WI.
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