Subtitle A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Sustainable, No-Waste Kitchen for a Healthier Home and Planet

Immy Lucas
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Immy Lucas of popular YouTube channel Sustainably Vegan empowers you to embrace seasonal, plant-based eating and other low-impact practices to create your own conscious kitchen.
We all want to make a difference in the fight against climate change. We all want to live on a healthier planet, have healthier homes, invest in a healthier future. But going fully zero-waste, living off-grid, or completely abandoning fossil fuels isn’t easy, affordable, or even possible for many people. For the average consumer who just wants to do a little better, where to begin?

For Immy Lucas, the answer is clear. Since our food system is one of the most high-impact, wasteful areas of modern life, the path to a more sustainable future starts in the kitchen. In The Conscious Kitchen, Immy provides you with the starting tools you need to create a more sustainable kitchen in your own home by rethinking the way you source, prepare, cook, store, and dispose of food

Rooted in a strong foundation of seasonal, plant-based eating, the book is all about how small steps can have a big impact. How switching to a more seasonal way of eating, being a more considerate shopper, investing in traditional skills like pickling and fermenting, and considering alternative uses for food scraps and leftovers can help improve the health of your home and, ultimately, the health of the planet.

In The Conscious Kitchen, you’ll discover:

  • A guide to year-round seasonal eating with more than 30 plant-based recipes
  • Food preservation recipes and techniques based on traditional skills like canning, preserving, and fermenting food
  • Strategies and recipes for cooking with food scraps and leftovers
  • Ethical shopping and food sourcing guidelines
  • Easy food storage and organization hacks to help your stores last longer
  • An overview of composting techniques and how to use compost to start your first kitchen garden
  • And more!

Eminently practical, approachable, and ideal for beginners, The Conscious Kitchen is the perfect book for climate advocates, vegan cooks, homesteaders, zero-waste warriors, and anyone interested in taking their first steps into the world of more sustainable living.

Format Paper Over Board 176 Pages
ISBN 9780760390221
Size7.50 in x 9.25 in / 190.50 mm x 234.95 mm
Published Date October 22nd, 2024
Immy Lucas
Immy Lucas is the creator behind the popular Youtube channel and Instagram handle Sustainably Vegan. Drawn to environmental issues and education since childhood, her mission is to help and inspire people to live as low-impact as possible, from learning how to DIY their own hair products to shopping unpackaged to lobbying local government to change. Immy’s work is all about finding small ways to alter our behavior over time, using habit change and easy swaps to get there. Her work has been featured in media outlets like Marie Claire, The Evening Standard, and the BBC.
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