Subtitle A New Challenger

Oscar Fong, Frederick L. Jones
Price $13.99 / £9.99
Description Description

A new challenger arrives to take down Nilay and his summoned ghosts!

Picking up after the titanic battle between the teenager Nilay Rao and seasoned assassin Gato, the World of GHOSTS, a secret society where select “players” can summon GHOSTS to fight battles, is in chaos! Nilay is not only the son of former decorated players, but he has acquired the mythical GHOSTS Vyper Neo, capable of unseating the balance of power of all royal players.

As Nilay’s father struggles to uncover the connection of Vyper Neo to his wife’s disappearance, a new mysterious figure threatens to destroy the Rao family and take Vyper Neo, but unlike Gato, this person appears to be an acquaintance already. Can the Rao family piece together the clues of their antagonist before it’s too late?

The answer may rely on Nilay’s ability to become a better player and work with Vyper Neo and his father’s former GHOST, the terrifying Daedalus Bonn, to defeat any threats that come their way.

The Massively Multiplayer World of Ghosts is rated T for Teen, recommended for ages 13 and up.

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Series Saturday AM TANKS / MMWOG
Format Trade Paperback 224 Pages
ISBN 9780760389980
Size5.28 in x 7.50 in / 134.11 mm x 190.50 mm
Published Date June 25th, 2024
Oscar Fong
Both an illustrator and comic artist, Oscar Fong is known online as “Fongfumaster.” He hails from the Auckland region of New Zealand, the land of kiwis and ghost chips. While he has a background in animation and digital design, Oscar focuses on illustrative projects and is fond of tabletop role-playing games and crafting.
Frederick L. Jones
American entrepreneur Frederick L. Jones was born in Durham, North Carolina, and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in Communication Studies. He developed a passion for promoting diversity at a young age, including participating in the fight for a Black Student Union on UNC’s campus and attending the original Million Man March in 1995. He spent a decade in the video game industry as an executive. Having worked on nearly every part of product creation, including product marketing, product development, and brand management, Frederick combined his experience with his lifelong love of anime to create the diverse manga brand Saturday AM in 2013. He resides in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, with his family and dog, Allie.

Saturday AM is a unique digital comics brand featuring an ever-growing catalog of popular, exclusive and diverse action manga-style webcomics by independent creators from around the world. Among the nearly 50 visionary artists on the Saturday AM team are @WhytManga (Apple Black), @JeyOdin (Hammer), and @saigamiproject (Saigami). To learn more about Saturday AM, visit, or find them on Instagram (@saturday_am), YouTube (, and Twitter (@saturday_am). 

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