Subtitle A guide to drawing anthropomorphic kemono, kemonomimi & scaly fantasy characters

Talia Horsburgh
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The Art of Drawing Manga Furries is packed with hundreds of tips, tricks, and step-by-step how-tos for creating a variety of manga furry characters, including kemono, kemonomimi, scalies, and fursonas. 

With its in-depth instruction, this book is suitable for all manga artists and furry enthusiasts, regardless of skill level or age. From learning the basics of drawing characters and giving them personalities to designing your own fursona and creating reference sheets for them, this book is the ultimate guide to creating all things furry. Follow the simple steps to learn how to draw a variety of furries, including neko (cat girls), kitsune (fox girls), and dragon-like characters.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to create:

  • Kemonomimi characters, which are humans who possess animal-like features such as ears or tails
  • Kemono characters, which are largely animalistic
  • Scalies, which are furries of the reptile and amphibian variety
  • Personalized fursona designs and reference sheets for them
  • Characters in different poses using templates

Along the way, you’ll learn the basics of drawing, how to combine humans and animals into unique creatures, and use templates to create your own characters. All instruction is easy to follow, so you can quickly learn to draw different faces and expressions, hairstyles, clothing and accessories, various animal-like qualities, and so much more.

Step-by-step instructions make the drawing process approachable for beginning and aspiring artists. Projects range from simple and easy furries to more complex ones. Also included are tips for developing your own characters, while looking to common styles for inspiration. Templates at the end of the book allow for easy practice of character faces and poses.

Get started in the world of furries!The Art of Drawing Manga Furries leads the way with accessible guidance for creating your own characters and developing your own original anthropomorphic animals. Author Talia Horsburgh shows you how to create your own manga and additional manga characters in The Art of Drawing Manga (2022), also available from Walter Foster Publishing.

Format Trade Paperback 128 Pages
ISBN 9780760381861
Size8.50 in x 11.00 in / 215.90 mm x 279.40 mm
Published Date March 14th, 2023
Talia Horsburgh
Talia Horsburgh is an Australian illustrator known commonly online by her internet alias Orbitalswan (@orbitalswan). From humble beginnings tracing anime DVD covers on her bedroom floor as a child, to completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art in 2016, Talia has a passion for creating and teaching art. She has taught drawing workshops to teams from notable companies such as Google, YouTube, and Pinterest. Talia has been featured in various magazines and was recognized “Best in Western Talent” by Neo magazine. When not in her studio, Talia can be found playing with her two children at their Hervey Bay home in Queensland, Australia.
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