Subtitle More than 100 Recipes for Fast and Easy Comfort Food for Weight Loss and Peak Gut Health

Claudia Curici
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“Claudia Curici, the leader in empowering a low-lectin lifestyle, does it again! She’s back with more amazing recipes to help you enjoy better health, better moods, and, more importantly, better-tasting foods! Get this book and let’s start cooking and eating!”  —Steven R. Gundry, MD, author of The Plant Paradox

Treat your body and taste buds right with more than 100 amazing, easy-to-make, and super-healthy low-lectin recipes.

Millions of people around the world have adopted a low-lectin diet, seeking a range of benefits: to eliminate toxins in their gastrointestinal tract, to lose weight, to enhance nutrient absorption, and to improve mood. Whatever your reasons are for counting yourself part of this nutritional revolution, the Everyday Low-Lectin Cookbook will make low-lectin cooking and eating an incredibly tasty and soul-satisfying part of your life.

Claudia Curici, the first low-lectin food blogger ever and still the most popular and respected, focuses in this book on quick-and-easy weekday meals for home cooks with busy lives. She includes a number of recipes for the Instant Pot or other electric pressure cookers. And there are plenty of recipes, too, for an impressive and fancy weekend meal for company—or just for your own family. The recipes include: 

  • Lectin-Light Zucchini Bread
  • Chickpea and Roasted Pepper Hummus
  • Chicken and Pomegranate Salad
  • Five-Spice Beef Ribs with Parsnip and Celeriac Purée
  • Cauliflower Alfredo Pasta
  • Apple Galette with Hazelnut Crumble

With tips for stocking a low-lectin pantry, nutritional guidance to help you make sure your low-lectin diet is optimal for your well-being, and lots of original and creative recipes from a masterful cook, this is a book that will support your health and delight your senses for years to come.

Format Trade Paperback 208 Pages
ISBN 9780760377338
Size7.50 in x 9.25 in / 190.50 mm x 234.95 mm
Published Date December 6th, 2022
Claudia Curici
Claudia Curici, author of Living Well Without Lectins Cookbook, first experimented with a lectin-free diet for pain management and found that it worked exceedingly well—and it also helped her shed unwanted pounds! Claudia started an Instagram account, @creativeinmykitchen, one of the first lectin-free destinations on the Internet, to share her experiences and advice. She then launched the pioneering lectin-free blog Creative in My Kitchen: The Art of Cooking Lectin-Free Food, where thousands of readers enjoy her writing, recipes, and photographs. She lives in Dallas, Texas.
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