Subtitle A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating in Vivid Color - Draw, Paint, Print, and More!

Anna Sokolova
Price £18.99
Description Description Discover a world filled with vibrant color and creative possibilities as you explore an array of painting, drawing, printing, and lettering techniques and styles using vivid colors of artist’s ink.

In Brilliant Inks, artist, illustrator, and top Skillshare teacher Anna Sokolova shares her own unique methods that get the most out of this versatile medium. With her guidance, create beginner-friendly florals and foliage, animals, still lifes, figures and portraits, and hand lettering.

Learn about the various types of inks and the best tools and surfaces to use with them. Then, try basic techniques such as color mixing, creating visual texture, negative painting, and splattering.

Work with a variety of brushes, dip pens, and droppers to get different looks, and see how adding common household supplies such as salt and bleach can create the most amazing effects.

Use these methods in lessons designed to improve skills and boost confidence. Be inspired to make projects such as a bracelet, paper art dolls, a tote bag, and a decorated book. Full instructions and templates make projects fun and stress free.

This incredible material offers so much that’s waiting to be discovered:
  • Vivid monotypes made in minutes using a combination of painting and printmaking methods
  • Custom palettes created with unique blended colors
  • Watercolor-like translucent washes and opaque silhouettes
  • Techniques for creating beautiful motifs using simple brushstrokes and patterns.
Begin your colorful journey today with Brilliant Inks and see how far your creativity can go!

Perfect for all skill levels, the books in the Art for Modern Makers series take a fun, practical approach to learning about and working with paints and other art mediums to create beautiful DIY projects and crafts.
Format Trade Paperback 128 Pages
ISBN 9780760374511
Size8.50 in x 10.00 in / 215.90 mm x 254.00 mm
Published Date July 5th, 2022
Anna Sokolova
Anna Sokolova is an illustrator, teacher, and contemporary artist who loves combining traditional and innovative approaches in art. Her work is featured in museums and private collections in Russia, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, and the US. She is a top teacher on Skillshare, with several classes in creating with ink that feature her own techniques. She has collaborated with companies such as Tombow, Wired magazine, and Maison Margiela, among others.

Born and raised in Russia, Anna graduated from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. She has received numerous awards, including the World Illustration Award for her signature Delft Blue series for Netflix. In 2020 she received a Highly Commended honor from the World Illustration Awards. She won a silver medal in 2021 in the surface/product design category in the Society of Illustrators 64th Annual for her collaboration with Maison Margiela on “Artisanal Collection.”

Anna lives in Berlin, Germany.
Instagram: @annasokolovaartist

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