Subtitle 10 life-changing philosophy lessons from Stoicism to Zen to supercharge your mindset

Ben Aldridge
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Seriously Happy is a highly practical self-help guide exploring 10 life-changing lessons based on teachings of the ancient philosophers. 

YA readers are encouraged to discover how Stoicism can improve your mental resilience; the calming, meditative influence of Zen; the decision-making prowess of Aristotle or the confidence-boosting ideas of the Cynic philosophers.

As a young man, author Ben Aldridge struggled with debilitating anxiety and self-doubt, until he discovered Stoicism and other philosophies which helped him restore balance, peace and contentment in his life. In this book, Ben shares over 20 practical challenges rooted in ancient philosophy that will power up your focus and confidence, improve your critical thinking, build mental resilience, and embrace happiness. The text is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by Michelle Brackenborough.

The challenges are based on ancient philosophical ideas – such as 'shame attacking', facing your fears, and appreciating the small things in life – as well as the ancient arts of Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong and meditation. Seriously Happy shows how to harness the power of ancient philosophies to deal with the real-world stress and anxieties of today.

·         – Learn to master a growth mindset and face your fears with fun tasks and challenges such as ‘the banana walk’, inspired by Cynic philosophers.

·         – Get curious, question everything, and power up your critical thinking like Socrates.

·         – Learn how to make good life choices inspired by Aristotle’s Golden Mean.

·         – Train your mind and embrace discomfort with cold-water therapy or digital fasting like Buddhist teachers.

·         – Increase your mental resilience by keeping a setback diary like the Stoics.

·         – Power up your focus & concentration with a walking meditation inspired by Zen philosophy.

·         – Protect your wellbeing by practising Tai Chi and being in nature like the Taoists.

 Be calm, be confident, and be (seriously) happy!

Format Juvenile - Hardcover 176 Pages
ISBN 9780711297807
Size5.08 in x 7.80 in / 129.00 mm x 198.00 mm
Published Date September 3rd, 2024
Ben Aldridge

Ben Aldridge is a teacher, author, and speaker on philosophy, comfort zones, mental health, and adventure. He is the author of How to Control the UncontrollableHow to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, and the Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Cards. Ben has spoken to audiences around the world, appeared on TV and radio, and has been interviewed on high-profile podcasts. His books have been translated into 6 languages and featured on a variety of best-seller lists.

His message encourages others to build resilience by stepping outside of their comfort zones in a host of different ways. His methods and thinking are inspired by ancient Greek philosophy and modern psychology.

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