Adrienne Barman
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Meet the animal kingdom's greatest talents in this illustrated encyclopedia of curious creatures!

Drawn in a fun and vibrant style, this book groups animals by their special skills. Flick through these amazing animals that think, look, sound and act in incredible ways!


  • 'the architects'

Super-skilled animals that build objects using their legs, beaks, and mouths!

  • the 'noisy neighbours'

What’s all that racket?! Meet the loudest big mouths on the planet.

  • the 'homebodies'

These territorial creatures keep watch of the land around them.

  • the 'forever faithfuls'

Some animals mate for life! Discover which animals pair up.

  • the ‘night owls’

These fascinating animals only come out at night.

Filled with fascinating facts, curious creatures and characterful cartoons, this book will keep young explorers busy for hours. The perfect gift for any young animal lover!

Series Creaturepedia
Format Juvenile - Paperback 216 Pages
ISBN 9780711295773
Size7.28 in x 10.04 in / 185.00 mm x 255.00 mm
Published Date August 8th, 2024
Adrienne Barman
ADRIENNE BARMAN spent her childhood in the highlands of Southern Switzerland and obtained her graphics diploma at Lugano. In 2001 she moved to Geneva, where she worked for five years with the collective SO2 Design while also working with Le Courrier. She also enjoyed being close to wildlife there. Since 2007 she has devoted herself to illustrating for publishing and press.
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