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Elizabeth Metcalfe
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A deep-dive into the homes of 22 of England’s most exciting creatives, with interiors writer Elizabeth Metcalfe and photographer Dean Hearne.

Of the countless interior design trends that come and go every year, there is one that endures: the ever-evolving English style

An inspiration to people across the world, it is a style rich with colour, pattern and a certain eccentricity. Wallpapers, fabrics, charming details and lovingly collected objects are all among the key components of a style that embraces individuality and benefits from its layers being allowed to evolve slowly. 

New English Interiors explores over 20 homes – a handful of which have not been published before – belonging to some of England’s most exciting creatives, from interior designers and illustrators to artists and antique dealers. With original photography by Dean Hearne and illuminating insights into how these interiors came together, it promises to be an inspiring visual feast. From fashion stylist and designer Lucinda Chambers’ colourful kaleidoscope of a home in west London to illustrator Fee Greening’s earthy toned cottage in Dorset, this is a celebration of colour and pattern in its infinite variety. 

Other interiors featured belong to the likes of designer Cath Kidston, artists Annie Morris and Idris Khan and designers Luke Edward Hall and Duncan Campbell. While they range aesthetically from the bold and theatrical to the more earthy and homespun, there is one thing that unites them all: they are deeply personal visual moodboards for their owners. None of them are static either: these interiors are ever-evolving and that is part of their joy. 

Featuring everything from small city flats to country cottages, this promises to be the perfect inspiration for anyone who might want to live with glorious layers of colour and pattern. It is also a lesson in how to let our personalities  – with their many facets and quirks – guide how we decorate our homes. 

Format Hardcover Book 256 Pages
ISBN 9780711293342
Size8.50 in x 11.34 in / 216.00 mm x 288.00 mm
Published Date October 10th, 2024
Elizabeth Metcalfe
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