Subtitle 30 prayers to read aloud

Claire Grace
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Description Description The Lord’s love is for life, and it starts in early development. Soothe your baby with the calming sound of these peaceful prayers.

And the child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.
- Luke 2:40

All those precious murmurs and gurgles are preparing your baby for their very first word! Aid your little one’s speech development by reading them sweet prayers. Guide them into a treasured relationship with God that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. These thirty prayers draw on God’s love and all his beautiful creations, to make for calming reading, morning, noon and night.

Illustrated with prints of adorable, embroidered art, this book is a touching keepsake that your child can carry with them as they grow up.

With important lessons like:
  • How prayer helps us
  • The importance of friendship
  • Appreciation of God and all his creations
  • The power of kindness
  • Family values
  • How special and precious they are

This touching picture book is a heartfelt introduction to Christianity. It’s a beautiful collection of affirming prayers about God and the people we love. Praying with your baby every day helps them develop their speech and learn about the Lord. Hearing a parent’s voice read these soothing verses reassures them and makes them feel safe. Make comforting memories that will last a lifetime by praying with your baby every day.

This book is part of the Stitched Storytime collection. Also available in the series are Read to Your Baby Every Day, Read to Your Toddler Every Day and Read to Your Baby Every Night.
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Format Juvenile - Hardcover 64 Pages
ISBN 9780711291263
Size7.68 in x 9.45 in / 195.00 mm x 240.00 mm
Published Date March 5th, 2024
Claire Grace

Irish-born Claire Grace studied English and Philosophy before becoming a commissioning editor of children’s books. She is the author of many books for children and has worked on a collection of award-winning titles. She now lives in Scotland where she spends her time writing, drinking coffee, and dog spotting.  

Chloe Giordano
Chloe Giordano began to sew in the last year of her illustration degree at the University of the West of England. Since graduating, she has continued to experiment with freehand embroidery, using sewing thread and hand-dyed fabrics to make her work – and the books in her bestselling Stitched Storytime series are illustrated with her hand-embroidered artwork. Her clients include Penguin, Vintage Books, Bloomsbury, Liberty, and the BFI. She lives in England.
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