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Courtney Conquers
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Travel to Planet Drag and explore the styles, influences, artists and events that have made the art of drag so outrageously popular in 15 countries around the world.

Exquisitely styled by top drag artists and with a foreword by Canada’s Drag Race judge Brooke Lynn Hytes, this is the ultimate guide to drag – a glittering, feathered foray into the past and present of this much-loved art form.

Gloriously embellished with historical photos along with stylish contemporary shots of some of the world's biggest drag stars, this is a deep dive into drag’s meteoric rise to the mainstream.

The carnival court of drag has exploded and it now holds a fierce place in popular culture. And while Rupaul's Drag Race does highlight some nuanced differences between national drag styles, there’s a lot more to the story that you don’t know

In this extravagant exploration across Planet Drag, we’ll stop at:

  • The UK, where pantomime culture gave us a wicked comic attitude that still prevails
  • Germany, home to tuntes who don’t see themselves as impersonating women at all
  • The USA, a unique melting pot of drag culture
  • France, where Joan of Arc is considered by some to be the very first drag king
  • Australia, the country that birthed blockbuster film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, which saw drag reach a whole new audience.

Plus 10 more countries that have altered and expanded the art of drag in ways you might not expect.

This is drag unashamed, unneutered, unapologetic... and world-conquering. A must-have for any drag fan.

Featuring contributions from Courtney Conquers, Zephyr Aspen, Kat Joplin, Alex Nolos, Javier Izquierdo Cubas, Jeffrey Rowe, Tsarlotte Lucifer, Juliana Santos, Courtney Norton, Presley Stewart, Viktor ‘Caffeine’ Skancke, Sara Altea Balestra and Gigi Rajkumar Guerandi. 

Format Hardcover Book 208 Pages
ISBN 9780711290723
Size7.68 in x 10.00 in / 195.00 mm x 254.00 mm
Published Date October 3rd, 2024
Courtney Conquers
Courtney Conquers is a Canadian drag performer and writer who specializes in drag media archiving and live events. She is best known as a co-creator of the queer media collective Drag Coven. Courtney has a Master of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies and is an outspoken advocate for equity in drag and queer spaces. Her time at Drag Coven has enabled her to witness and film drag across the world, working with countless of drag's biggest names along the way. Drag Coven is the world's first and biggest contemporary, free online drag media archive. 
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