Subtitle Learn the best knots for outdoor adventures - 30 cards and 2 ropes

Nico Mascellaro
Price $16.99 / £14.99
Description Description
  • A practical knot-tying kit with 30 easy-to-learn knot instruction cards. 
  • Including two practice ropes, each 60cm long and 8mm in diameter. 
  • Organised by best use: Find out which knot to use to moor a boat, secure a hammock, make a raft, and many more. 
  • The perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts, knot improvers and complete beginners. 

Head to the woods and hang up your hammock in style, once you know your knots! 

Practice essential knots for outdoor life with this handy kit, containing two 60cm lengths of rope. Get to know which knot to use when – put up a rope swing with the swing hitch, make a den with a tripod lashing, and tie a lasso with a honda knot – and you’ll be ready for adventure. 

Inside the box you’ll find 30 illustrated instructional cards with key tips on which knot to use when, plus two practice ropes each 60cm long and 8mm in diameter. A QR code inside the box lid links to the author’s expert videos to get you started. Endorsed by experts @knotsandcues, this deck provides all the information you need to be confident using ropes in the outdoors. 
Format Cards 30 Pages
ISBN 9780711290358
Size7.09 in x 5.51 in / 180.00 mm x 140.00 mm
Published Date May 2nd, 2024
Nico Mascellaro
Nico Mascellaro is founder and content creator for Knots and Cues, the largest knot community on Instagram. Nico is based in Bremen, Germany.
Adi Gilbert
Adi Gilbert is an illustrator and graphic designer based in north-east Scotland, UK. Adi works with both traditional and digital techniques, often in combination, for a range of international clients. He has a weakness for bicycles (particularly BMX and MTB), skateboarding, old motorcycles, folklore, wildlife, and nature.
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