Subtitle A hilarious guide to all the usual and unusual household pets

Russell Kane
Price $24.99
Description Description Join comedian Russell Kane on this HILARIOUS journey to select your next cat, dog, hamster or rabbit, or snake, or gecko, or rat, or…

Russell knows loads about pets, as he’s got four of his own. And he believes that when choosing a pet, personality is the most important thing! Pet Selector! is both a practical guide to finding a pet and a hugely entertaining account of pet personalities from one of the BIGGEST animal lovers out there.

Each entry includes an overview of the breed, an account of its temperament, the history of the breed or pet, and a handy score so you can rank each pet based on playfulness, lovingness and more.

Russell also tells funny stories all about his own pets, including his adorable, stinky pug Colin!

So whether you're looking for the purrfect pet or you just want to learn all about our furry and scaly friends, giggle through this guide full of facts, photos and more!

In this uniquely funny and informative pet book, you’ll find hilarious illustrations by Erica Salcedo, and clear photos of the over 40 pets and breeds included, like:
  • Adorable pugs
  • Fluffy poodles
  • Hairless sphynxes
  • Floppy ragdolls
  • Friendly RATS?
  • Chatty budgies

Pet Selector! is a perfectly hilarious guide to pet personalities, from their quirky characters to special skills, wants, needs and even cuddling capabilities. Infused with his trademark humour, personal anecdotes and extensive pet expertise, Russell will make you laugh out loud AND find you your perfect pet. So, what are you waiting for? Russell is ready to introduce you to your next best friend.
Format Juvenile - Hardcover 112 Pages
ISBN 9780711290198
Size8.27 in x 10.63 in / 210.00 mm x 270.00 mm
Published Date September 3rd, 2024
Russell Kane
Russell Kane is a British comedian, writer, actor, and presenter. He has two chart-topping, award-bagging podcasts: Man Baggage and BBC Radio 4’s Evil Genuis. He drinks lots of coffee and is ‘like that in real life’. He was the first ever comedian to bag the two most prestigious comedy awards on earth in the same year, for the same show: Dave’s Edinburgh Comedy Award (formerly the Perrier), and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award, (formerly known as the Barry Award). But most of all, Russel LOVES his pets. He has three cats: Terry the Burmese, Donna the Devon Rex and Bobbins the Ragdoll. He also has an elderly blind pug called Colin.
Erica Salcedo
Erica Salcedo is an illustrator based in Cuenca, Spain. She studied Fine Art at Castilla-La Mancha University, before earning a master's degree in graphic design and illustration from the University of Valencia. She has illustrated many books, including Kid Normal by Greg James. 
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