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From the author of bestselling Oi Frog! comes an absurdly funny and heartwarming lift-the-flap picture book about two giraffe friends, who are out on a walk together.

Meet Torla, the taller-than-average giraffe, and Smorla, who’s… well, smaller than average. Right at the very beginning of their walk, Torla’s longer-than-average neck gets stuck in a very stubborn cloud. These loveable giraffes have to work together, with Smorla guiding Torla past some very funny obstacles

Featuring three lazy lions, two bingo-playing hippos, a silly sunbathing elephant and more, this book is full of uproarious deadpan humour that will have kids and grownups giggling as they turn the pages.

This is the first book in a new laugh-out-loud series by Kes Gray, with bright, humorous drawings from award-winning illustrator Chris Jevons.

As well as being a very amusing read, The Lower than Average Cloud teaches children the importance of being considerate and helpful to others, as Smorla helps her friend Torla out of a tricky situation.

At times whimsical, at others hilarious, this series by Kes Gray follows the characters Torla and Smorla, who enjoy a very unlikely friendship. One is a taller-than-average giraffe, the other is a shorter-than-average giraffe! Join them on their adventures as the love and trust they share take their companionship to new heights.

Subject area:
Series Torla and Smorla
Format Juvenile - Hardcover 24 Pages
ISBN 9780711288102
Size5.67 in x 11.61 in / 144.00 mm x 295.00 mm
Published Date July 9th, 2024
Kes Gray
Kes Gray is a British author who exploded onto the shelves in 2000 with his debut and prize-winning picture book, Eat Your Peas. He has since published more than twenty-five Daisy books, with sales topping more than a million copies. In 2014, his picture book phenomenon Oi Frog! spawned the most popular picture book series of recent times, with sales of over 2.5 million copies worldwide. 
Chris Jevons

Chris Jevons is an award-winning UK-based children’s picture book illustrator with a passion for character design and storytelling. He began his career studying Art and Design at college and 3D Animation at university. Chris has illustrated books for fantastic authors including Peter Bently, Maz Evans, Lucy Rowland, and Kes Gray. Chris’ most recent books include: Goldilocks in Space, My Daddy is Hilarious, 101 Bums, 101 Spooky Bums, Superpoop, Onesie Party, and The Exploding Life of Scarlett Fife.

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