Subtitle Decide Your Destiny with a Pop-Out Fortune Spinner!

Giles Sparrow
Price £20.00
Description Description The innovative Spin to Survive series boldly goes where no game-in-a-book has gone before with its fourth instalment. As part of a pioneering mission to Mars, you've earned your place as one of Earth's greatest explorers. Now, become its most tenacious hero as you fight for your life and the lives of your crew when your spaceship meets with catastrophe. All systems are down, your crewmates are gone, and you're millions of miles from help.

Armed only with your scientific knowhow, a few scraps of hi-tech gear and, of course, your astronaut's Survival Spinner, it's up to you to avert the impending calamity. Will you abort the mission and set a course for home, try to bring the spaceship back online and complete your journey, or attempt to divert to a nearby asteroid mining station?

On each spread, read the story, make your choice, then use the pop-out spinner to determine if it was the lucky one... or not! With dozens of paths and unexpected disasters along the way, readers aged 8-12 will love embarking on this journey again and again.

Play your way through a host of hazards as you fight to survive, enduring solar flares, asteroid belts, space-walks and more interplanetary challenges. Prepare for adventure... and take to the stars!
Format Novelty - Hardcover 64 Pages
ISBN 9780711287761
Size11.02 in x 13.39 in / 280.00 mm x 340.00 mm
Published Date September 5th, 2024
Giles Sparrow
Giles Sparrow studied astronomy at University College, London, and science communication at Imperial College, before embarking on a career in publishing. Starting out as an editor, he worked on various science reference books for young readers, including DK’s Eyewitness series and their larger Visual Encyclopedia series. He is now a popular science author with a string of beautiful and successful books for adults and children under his belt, including Universe: The Definitive Visual GuideCosmos, Spaceflight, Exploring the Solar System series, and many others.
Ruby Fresson
R. Fresson makes illustrations that nod to the past. She hand-draws in pen and ink, then colours digitally, inspired by the print processes of early 20th century comics and magazines. Her line-work is lodged in the ligne-claire style, made famous by Hergé, Joost Swarte, Bob de Moor and Theo van den Boogaard among many others. Humour is an important aspect to R. Fresson’s work and she continues to develop a witty practice with a dextrous vintage aesthetic, working with clients including the New York Times, Monocle, The Guardian, GQ and The New Yorker. 
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