Subtitle The remarkable story of how trains have changed our world

Tom Adams
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Description Description All aboard for a journey through time and across continents!

Jam-packed with fascinating facts and bright illustrations, this is the captivating story of how trains have transformed our world.

This book showcases the railway’s incredible engineering breakthroughs – from the earliest trains used in underground mines, to the advent of the steam train, right up to the latest driverless trains and mag-lev technology.

With this complete, colourful guide to the past, present and future of the railway:
  • Marvel at some of the world’s most spectacular stations
  • Discover iconic train journeys like the Orient Express and the Pacific Railroad
  • Learn about the trains used in social protests and during times of war
  • Understand the changing role of women and people of colour in the industry
  • Decode the inner workings of these magnificent machines
  • Meet rail heroes and innovators including George Stephenson, Mary Elizabeth Walton and Hideo Shima
And, as well as classic locos from history, readers can also delight in record-breaking train stats and learn about sky trains, suspension railways and monorails.

But the book also explores the enormous impact that railways have had on our lives, including the development of industry and commerce, the growth of our cities – even the setting of time zones.

This is a colourful, celebratory tribute to trains. These powerful machines opened the world to people like never before, and they continue to capture hearts and imaginations today. Look no further for the perfect gift for young train enthusiasts.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1: The Origins of the Railways
The Earliest Railways
The First Passenger Railway
The Liverpool and Manchester
Rail Hero: George Stephenson
Chapter 2: Rail Around the World
Early Steam – US Style
European Steam
Crossing the Uncrossable
Classic Loco: Stephenson’s Rocket
Chapter 3: Golden Age of Steam
Amazing Engineering
Statement Stations
Chapter 4: All Change
Time for Change
A Connected World
Rail Hero: George Westinghouse
Chapter 5: Running a Railway
Tracks and Wheels
The Comfort Zone
Staying Safe
Classic Loco: Mallard
Chapter 6: Loco Power
How a Steam Loco Works
How a Diesel Loco Works
How an Electric Loco Works
Rail Hero: Granville T. Woods
Chapter 7: Iconic Routes
The Trans-Siberian Railway
The Orient Express
The Pacific Railroad
The Indian Pacific
Chapter 8: The Wheels of Progress
A Woman’s World?
Social Change
Classic Loco: DHR B-Class
Chapter 9: Going Underground
The First Underground Line
Underground Around the World
Rail Hero: Mary Elizabeth Walton
Chapter 10: Trains at War
The Early Years
World War Two
Classic Loco: Jupiter
Chapter 11: Oddballs
Suspension Railways and Sky Trains
The Weird and Wonderful
Record Breakers
Rail Hero: Hideo Shima
Chapter 12: The Future
The Train’s Second Age
Future Power
Driverless Trains
Preservation and Enthusiasts
Format Juvenile - Hardcover 96 Pages
ISBN 9780711284845
Size10.08 in x 12.20 in / 256.00 mm x 310.00 mm
Published Date October 1st, 2024
Tom Adams

Tom Adams is an award-winning television producer and author. He was born in Yorkshire but now lives in Kent, UK. With a science background, he was inspired to turn his hand to writing children’s books once his eldest son, then 5, started asking questions about how the world worked. He won the Society of Authors/ ALCS Award for Educational Writing for his book Molecule Mayhem.

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