Subtitle An escapist's guide to cottagecore

Tiffany Francis-Baker
Price £20.00
Description Description The Cottage Life reflects our collective desire to escape the chaos of modern existence; to live with more purpose, more compassion and more joy.
The Cottage Life is an essential guide to slow and simple living, inspired by the magical world of cottagecore. To follow the cottagecore aesthetic is to wear secondhand clothes that tell their own stories; to bake fresh bread and cakes, no matter how wonky the outcome; to spend time in nature, to observe and draw the plants, to breathe freshair and to connect with species beyond our own.

It is taking the time to notice the seasons change, or to turn off your screen mindfully and pick up an old novel instead. It is lighting a fire on the first cool night of autumn and sipping a fresh cup of tea by the fireplace, or watching the first spring leaves unfurl after the long, dark winter.

Celebrating the small joys in life, from the first birdsong of the morning to the taste of ripe plums on a summer afternoon. And, above all else, it is learning to slow down, connect with the world around you and be a more compassionate, conscientious citizen of the earth.
Each chapter explores different ways of embracing the cottagecore lifestyle, such as interacting with nature, eating seasonally and getting creative. Inherently low-impact and green, cottagecore embraces reuse and recycling and celebrates an old-fashioned no-waste ethic.

Fortunately for most, possession of a country cottage is not essential to embody the cottagecore spirit. With guidance on nurturing your home and small touches for interior decoration, The Cottage Life brings country living ideals to any space.
Cottagecore is much more than a fashion trend or social media bandwagon. It is a peaceful protest against the darker elements of modern life—The Cottage Life is a gentle embrace with the past, encouraging you to truly enjoy the present and nurture a brighter future.
Format Hardcover Book 192 Pages
ISBN 9780711283190
Size6.69 in x 9.29 in / 170.00 mm x 236.00 mm
Published Date April 27th, 2023
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