Subtitle Incredible Skills to Survive and Thrive

Georges Feterman
Price £7.99
Description Description Superheroes of Nature is a fascinating, quirky photographic book featuring the amazing superheroes of the animal kingdom.

With incredible photos and fascinating text, this book is a celebration of biodiversity and nature. From the Borneo ant to the flying dragon, find out all about these amazing animals and the extraordinary abilities that make them the superheroes of our planet. For example:
  • A hammerhead shark can see 180 degrees
  • The webbed gecko can glide across the desert sand
  • The springbok is super fast!
For each animal discover their superpower, super stats and super facts about them, as well as information about how they used their super skills in the wild. With an important message about protecting the rich biodiversity of our planet, Superheroes of Nature is a stunning photographic book for kids fascinated by the animal kingdom and the weird wonders it has to offer.

This book is from the Animal Powers series, which celebrates the weird, extraordinary, and truly amazing powers of some of nature's most incredible animals, while celebrating biodiversity and encouraging young readers to value the natural world around them. Also available is Superpowers of Nature, which showcases the amazing superpowers of the animal kingdom.
Series Animal Powers
Format Flexi-Bind 96 Pages
ISBN 9780711279995
Size8.27 in x 10.63 in / 210.00 mm x 270.00 mm
Published Date September 6th, 2022
Georges Feterman
Georges Feterman is an associate professor of natural sciences. He is also the president of the association "A.R.B.R.E.S. "(Remarkable Trees, Assessment, Research, Studies and Safeguarding) campaigning for in-depth research on remarkable trees. For twenty years, he has been recording and photographing the most remarkable subjects of the French natural heritage because of their proportions, stories or rarity.
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