Bethan Stevens
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Damsel in distress? I don’t think so! Empower girls with this funny picture book about a little damsel who doesn’t need rescuing!
Once upon a time, in a magical land far away, there was a…
Wait, stop! This is not that story.
This is the story of a very heroic damsel enjoying a relaxing day in the castle. Can’t you see she’s busy? All she wants to do is have a bubble bath and read her book.
The fairytale storyteller sends knights and princes her way. But she stops the narrator. She doesn’t need rescuing and she certainly isn’t in distress. She shows them all who’s boss and takes charge. All while looking cool and comfortable.
And when a scary, fire-breathing dragon arrives, it's up to her to save the day for everyone. But will they all live happily ever after?
From Waterstones Children’s Book Prize winner Bethan Stevens, this funny book turns the traditional fairytale on its head. And it shows that you can wear a princess hat and save the day.
It’s the perfect way to remind every little damsel that she can stand up for herself. All in a colourful picture book that uses coral, peach and mustard tones for a soothing read at any time of day. Build confidence, encourage independence and bust gender myths with this funny and touching story.

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Format Juvenile - Hardcover 32 Pages
ISBN 9780711275195
Size9.20 in x 10.80 in / 233.68 mm x 274.32 mm
Published Date May 7th, 2024
Bethan Stevens
Bethan Stevens is an illustrator based in London. After finishing her BA in English literature, she embarked on the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art to learn how to make stories with pictures as well as words. When she's not drawing she can be found reading, writing and attempting to track down the tastiest almond croissants in London. Grumpy Fairies was her first picture book with FLCB which was the winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize, Best Illustrated Book Category in 2021. 
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