Subtitle Fun animal facts from around the world

Catherine Veitch
Price $19.99
Description Description Meet the National Animals is a playful and humorous look at the animals all around the world who represent their country.
Why do they represent the particular country and what is so special or symbolic about them? Featuring over 35 amazing animals, from the mystical Scottish Unicorn to China's much-loved Giant Panda and the wonderful, but extinct, Dodo from Mauritius.
The witty text brings each animal to life and celebrates their quirks and characteristics. Includes a playful, charming narrative along the bottom of each spread, which sees Brown Bear gradually bringing all the animals together as they travel the world, celebrating each country as they go.
Filled with fascinating facts about each animal and country, the text also touches gently on conservation issues related to each animal and their habitat. The illustrations inject warmth and humour into the narrative, making the animals the stars of their respective countries!
Format Juvenile - Hardcover 48 Pages
ISBN 9780711274457
Size9.25 in x 11.42 in / 235.00 mm x 290.00 mm
Published Date November 1st, 2022
Catherine Veitch
Catherine Veitch trained as an infant primary teacher before working as an editor and writer for twenty years in children’s magazines and books. Today, when she’s not walking her Sheltie dog, Arthur, Catherine enjoys writing and creating content for children’s story, puzzle, activity, and early learning books.
Shiori Saito
Shiori Saito was born and raised in Japan and is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, and designer, who is currently based in Calgary, Canada. Her playful artwork combines digital and organic media, which is inspired by everyday moments, nature, and happy accidents! From illustrations to interactive installations, her creative output is diverse. One thing in common is that she loves to use humor to not only make people smile, but also add warmth in narrative. 
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