Subtitle How to choose the perfect breed for you and your family

David Alderton
Description Description

If you’re thinking of getting a new pup, The Right Dog for You is a must-read. This easy-to-understand guide to the personalities of over 115​ breeds allows you to be sure you’ll choose the perfect companion.

​With all-round guidance on selecting a dog, this fully illustrated comprehensive breed directory – including new crossbreeds such as labradoodles – is packed full of useful information. Arranged by size, small to large, each concise entry begins with a brief history of the breed before revealing essential details on the dog’s personality, care needs, behavioural traits and things to expect as an owner. Breed specifications are also provided, alongside a handy graphic showing how much grooming, feeding and exercise your prospective pup might need.
Buy this book: it will send you to the breeder or rescue centre brimming with confidence – leaving you free to lose your heart to a dog that you know will fit in with your lifestyle.

Format Trade Paperback 256 Pages
ISBN 9780711257504
Size6.73 in x 9.13 in / 171.00 mm x 232.00 mm
Published Date March 16th, 2021
David Alderton

David Alderton trained as a veterinarian and his books about dogs have sold over a million copies. David has been awarded the Maxwell Medal by the Dog Writers’ Association of America and has acted as consultant on canine programmes screened by the Discovery Channel. He was very closely involved in the TV documentary celebrating the Crufts Centenary dog show, screened by the UK’s BBC and broadcasters in thirteen other countries worldwide.

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