Susannah Lloyd
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Description Description Children will love this hilarious book about a silly knight who goes in search of a dragon to battle!

The other knights have told him that there's no such thing as dragons, but he says, 'Forsooth! There is TOO such a thing!' You just need to know where to look!

And luckily, this knight has something very special that no one else has – a map that says: 'HERE BE DRAGONS'!

So, he sets off armed with the map, his sword, and his trusty steed. He travels straight to the spot marked ‘X’, past shiny treasure, some suspicious bones and many signs telling him to TURN BACK!

But alas, he’s too busy looking at his map to notice. He wanders up and down a spiky hill (the dragon's back), shouts into a burrow (the dragon's nose), and eventually walks into a very dark cave (the dragon's mouth).

In this laugh-out-loud story, young readers will love seeing the hapless knight search for the dragon, all the while not seeing how close he truly is to the beast!

Will he see the dragon before it's too late?!

With expert storytelling from the author of This Book Can Read Your Mind, Susannah Lloyd, and whimsical illustrations from the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal nominee, Paddy Donnelly, this is a book that will delight time after time. Kids will love coming back to the bookshelf and seeing if they can spot the fearsome dragon in the background. Comedic illustrations with hidden clues hinting at the dragon's whereabouts accompany funny and lively text which kids and parents alike will love to read aloud!
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Format Juvenile - Paperback 40 Pages
ISBN 9780711256613
Size10.87 in x 9.25 in / 276.00 mm x 235.00 mm
Published Date February 2nd, 2021
Susannah Lloyd
Susannah Lloyd is the author of This Book Can Read Your Mind, illustrated by Jacob Grant, and The Terribly Friendly Fox, illustrated by Ellie Snowdon. She lives in Yorkshire with her family.  Find her online at  and on Twitter @Susannah_Lloyd.
Paddy Donnelly
Paddy Donnelly is an Irish illustrator now living in Belgium. He has over 15 years' experience as an illustrator and designer, and especially loves working with a textured, painterly approach. With a fondness for illustrating the sea and animals, Paddy tries to inject a touch of humor to his work wherever he can. He wishes Pluto was still a planet.
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