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Dana Rubin
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Explore the richness and diversity of Jewish heritage and history with this expansive volume of quotes from Jewish figures. 

Immerse yourself in the stirring words of Jewish poets and scholars, politicians and performers, artists and visionaries from ancient to contemporary times. Wherever dispersed in exile or in the Land of Israel, Jews have survived and flourished for nearly four centuries, and made a distinctive mark on world culture. Read their words and draw inspiration from their life stories in this celebratory and life-affirming volume. Featuring the striking artwork of Jewish artists from around the world, Jewish Voices gives inspiration and hope to all.

The inspirational quotes include: 

"Though we come from different cultures and totally different worlds, we all want the same things—to provide a good environment for our kids to grow up in. To laugh and share experiences with family and friends. To see our children grow up and achieve their dreams."
–Ben Stiller, Actor, filmmaker, comedian

"Judaism teaches that each person is an entire world. Every one of you is here to do your part for something that is more lasting and significant than yourself. What you create will ripple out from you into the world in ways you cannot possibly imagine. While the vastness of awe can make you feel very small, it also calls you to transcend yourself to moral beauty."
–Angela Buchdahl, East Asian-American Senior Rabbi of Central Synagogue, New York City

"I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashions."
–Lillian Hellman, Playwright, memoirist, screenwriter

Covering a wide variety of topics, including family, activism, spirituality, feminism, and more, some of the other Jewish voices featured are:

  • Golda Meir, Fourth prime minister of Israel
  • Rachel Goldberg-Polin, American Israeli activist
  • Theodor Herzl, Playwright, novelist, and journalist
  • Melinda Strauss, Jewish content creator, kosher cookbook author
  • Jonathan Sacks, English Orthodox rabbi, philosopher, theologian, and author
  • Jerry Seinfeld, American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer
  • Chanie Apfelbaum, Writer, cookbook author, lifestyle influencer, blogger
  • Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli politician, statesman, and general
  • Emma Lazarus, Jewish activist, author, and poet
  • Hen Mazzig, Writer, educator, activist
  • And many more

Throughout the pages, thoughtful mini-biographies give important to context to who the inspirational speakers are, from rabbis to influencers, while their voices come to life through the colorful works of art by Jewish artists, such as:


  • Chavi Feldman, Canadian born, now living in Israel (Instagram:; Etsy:
  • Eleyor Snir, Israli born, now living in Canada (Instagram: @eley.ori; Website:



If you are Jewish, Jewish Voices will enrich your pride in your Jewish identity. If you are not Jewish, this book will expand your appreciation for the Jewish community. People from all cultures and walks of life will be left feeling inspired, empowered, uplifted, and motivated to discover new perspectives. 

Format Paper Over Board 192 Pages
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Published Date September 17th, 2024
Dana Rubin

Dana Rubin is an award-winning journalist, speechwriter, public speaking coach, speaker, and creator/curator of the digital Speaking While Female Speech Bank, the world’s largest collection of speeches by women. She currently consults with organizations to help their female talent become more visible and influential leaders in the workplace by sharing their expertise and knowledge in speeches, articles, op-eds, and editorials. Dana, who holds a BA in history cum laude from Yale University and an MA in English literature from the University of Texas at Austin, is the author of Speaking While Female: 75 Extraordinary Speeches by American Women, the first anthology to put a spotlight on American women speakers from 1637 to the present. 

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