Subtitle A Superfan’s Guide to All Things We Love about Harry Styles

Kathleen Perricone
Price $19.99 / £14.99
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Become a Harry Styles superfan with this gorgeously illustrated, comprehensive guide to all things Harry Styles.

From his first appearance on The X Factor and touring with One Direction to breaking out in a successful solo career, reimagining the men’s fashion world, and becoming a pop icon, Harry Styles has taken the world by storm. Gathering his incredible life story, music, and fan culture all in one place, Harry Styles Is Life is the one and only Harry Styles reference you need.

The book includes:

  • A biography of Harry Styles' history and journey to superstardom
  • The full discography of Harry's music and inspiration
  • The meanings behind each of the albums, lyrics, and cover art 
  • The inside scoop on Harry's tattoos from head to toe
  • A deep dive into Harry's groundbreaking trendsetting with full-color custom art
  • His muses, his relationships, and lyrical Easter eggs
  • An insider's look at Harry's mission of inclusion and acceptance. All is love! 

We all know that Harry's adorable stage debut had him in a mouse costume and his sister's tights, but this guide will take you deeper into his journey by asking questions you didn't know you needed answers to until now. Who are his greatest musical influences? What does he have in common with Shania Twain? What is the significance of the lotus flower and color pink? How did he come to be a leader in gender-fluid fashion? Who is the "kiwi" or the girl with the red lips that he sings about? Which tattoo did he get from Ed Sheeran? The answers to these questions and more will launch you into the world of superfandom as an official Styler, giving you hidden meanings and insights that will impress even the most passionate fans. 

The Modern Icons series takes you on a journey through the lives and legacies of cultural icons who have shaped our world, from fashion to music to media. With original illustrations and meticulously crafted prose, this series captivates and enlightens, offering a glimpse into the personalities whose unparalleled charm and authenticity have left an indelible mark on popular culture.

The series includes: Taylor Swift Is LifeBeyonce Is Life, and Harry Styles Is Life.

Series Modern Icons
Format Paper Over Board 160 Pages
ISBN 9780760393192
Size5.71 in x 7.68 in / 145.03 mm x 195.07 mm
Published Date October 8th, 2024
Kathleen Perricone
Kathleen Perricone is a freelance writer of long-form magazines (bookazines) with published titles about Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Anne Frank, Barack Obama, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and dozens more. Over the past two decades, Kathleen has also worked as a celebrity news editor in New York City as well as for Yahoo!, Ryan Seacrest Productions, and for a reality TV family who shall remain nameless. She lives in Los Angeles.
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