Subtitle Design & Build Amazing Architecture with Lights, Sounds & Motion!

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Use this cool construction kit to create architectural wonders with lights, sensors, sounds, and moving parts!

Featuring over 70 building components, Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House 2020 allows aspiring architects and engineers to design and build multi-story structures. Use the modular building system to add and stack floors in any number of configurations. Then decorate your creation with the included furnishings and accessories. With your dream house built, the fun has just begun! Now you can use the plug-in power posts and electronic components to “wire up” your creation. Create a working elevator, drawbridge, and house-to-house tramway! Arm your house with a motion-sensor burglar alarm! Make your escape through an electronic trapdoor! The plug-in modules are similar to Smart Lab’s best-selling Smart Circuits system, allowing young engineers to learn and experiment with basic circuitry through creative, fun, and hands-on activities that teach practical skills.

The 32-page illustrated manual shows you how to put together 20 different builds and circuits. Along the way, you’ll learn about architecture, famous architects, and inspiring new design innovations. You’ll also learn the science behind light sensors, switches, speakers, electric motors, semi-conductors, and more.

  • Hours of STEM engineering fun: Design and build amazing architecture with lights, sound, and motion; the modular building system lets you add and stack floors in all sorts of configurations, then add your own furnishings, art, tiny plants, and accessories
  • 20 kinetic, energetic circuitry projects: Create a garage door, drawbridge, flickering fireplace, television, automatic night light, silent alarm, elevator, and more while learning the science behind things like conductors, insulators, electric circuits, and diodes
  • 62 pieces, great value: 10 base boards, 20 posts, battery post, stairs, 2 spindles, 50 punch-out wall/floor panels and accessories (8 sheets), 8 jumper and extender wires, forward/back switch, 2 yellow LED lights, red flashing LED light, flickering LED light, light sensor, switch, push button, speaker, motor, and 32-page construction activity book
  • Perfect for budding engineers and architects ages 8+
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Published Date November 3rd, 2020
SmartLab Toys
SmartLab Toys' passion is creating toys and games that give children and parents opportunities to learn and play together. Since 2004, SmartLab Toys' STEAM products have earned more than 50 of the toy industry's most prestigious awards, including multiple Oppenheim Platinum awards, Good Housekeeping Best Toy awards, and Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year awards. Each toy comes with a kid-friendly learning guide packed with solid science. The concepts presented are based on established scientific principles and fact-checked by experts. Better yet, our science-based activities make learning FUN!
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