Subtitle 20 Fun-Filled Spy-ence Missions!

SmartLab Toys
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Get ready to get sneaky with this immersive intro to spycraft!

This science kit gives you the tools and tips you need to learn how to be a master spy—but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The cleverly disguised decoy box contains cool spy tools, including a spy-decoder periscope (disguised as a pencil box), a microphone (disguised as a yo-yo), rear-view spy glasses, collapsible spy binoculars, a magnifying loupe, signal mirrors, a masked viewing prop (holes in the back of the book to spy through), and a hilarious in-world book with spy missions and challenges to test your skills.

Kids will have a blast using the periscope to stake out and covertly observe the happenings in their home, using their magni-scope to read microprinting on money, tailing a friend from the front with their rearview glasses, writing secret code messages to their spy partner with the Caesar Cipher built into the periscope, and more. Investigate, observe, and discover with Spy School - Sneaky Surveillance!

  • Immersive intro to spycraft: Enter the fictional BREK Industries Spy School, where kids learn how to use an array of sneaky spy equipment to complete secret missions and tackle surveillance changes while deepening their science knowledge and sharpening their observational skills; humorous illustrated instruction book provides guidance on ethical espionage
  • Includes 11 sneaky pieces + battery: Decoy spy storage case with hidden compartment, decoy pencil box periscope, two-in-one spy scope, decoy yo-yo microphone with earbud (with 1 x 1.5V LR44 [AG13] battery included), rearview sunglasses, 2 mirrors, 2 magnifier lenses, 24-page illustrated activity book with masked viewing prop; periscope and magni-scope require some simple assembly
  • Exciting STEAM learning: Kids learn about optics, the science of light, while using the mirrors, lenses, and rear-view glasses, and the science of sound while experimenting with the listening device; also learn how to use codes and ciphers and read profiles of famous spies from history
  • 20 fun-filled spy-ence missions: Open the “Guide to Tournament Checkers & Other Board Games” to find a comical in-world sleuthing manual containing 20 fun missions, including fingerprint detection, reverse reading, backward observation, super-close observation, hidden mic surveillance, and more
  • Perfect for budding sleuths ages 8+
Format General Merchandise 24 Pages
UPC 834509006405
Size8.00 in x 10.50 in / 203.20 mm x 266.70 mm
Published Date June 18th, 2019
SmartLab Toys
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